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Asrin Abdollahi

Asrin Abdollahi

Researcher/Msc in Electrical Engineering/Bsc in Electrical Engineering

Founder of Communication Technologies-Lab

  • G-Mail ID :asrin.abdollahi2961@gmail.com
  • University Email:asrin.abdollahi@uok.ac.ir
  • Website :www.aieys.com/asrinabdollahi.html

Asrin Abdollahi is working with Huawei as Engineer. She received bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Urmia University, Iran, and holds Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Kurdistan, Iran. Also, she is working as Founder of Communication Technologies-LAB. She has published some research articles at international level. Her research interests include network system security, intrusion detection System, intrusion prevention, machine learning, wireless sensor networks, internet of things , and flying ad hoc networks (FANETS).

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