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Secure Smart Cities Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's)

Topic: Secure Smart Cities Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's)

The communication industry has grown substantially as a result of technological advancements. The use of aerial vehicles in smart cities will advance some related areas which include health, aerial transportation, monitoring and security.

The approach of smart cities consists of two main points (i) Finding research gaps (ii) Giving smart solutions using information technology. While integration of smart cities with UAV's is a new domain of study. Recently due to COVID-19, the physical mode of world is totally changed to online.So avoiding physical interactions of humans many companies is spending on unmanned aerial vehicles which provide cost effective services to the world.The main goal of this study is give an ideal smart solution to reduce cost and practical infrastructure.Securing smart cities from different natural or man-made threats aerial vehicles plays an important role.UAV's accuratly give information from the target location which help to rescue human lives.The role of UAV's in day to day life has increased the diverse applications in smart cities which easily inspect and monitor lives of residents from security threats.

Although the use of aerial vehicles has received a lot of attention, while commercial drones are still in their infancy.However, the sales of personal UAV's is on the high peak.Aerial vehicles can be utilized in photography, shipping & delivery, search & rescue operations, building safety, agriculture crop monitoring, Unmanned cargo system, and most importantly border surveillance control.Using drones and IoT to secure smart cities will improve energy consumption, public safety, quality of life, data collection, and disaster management.


Inam Ullah Khan, Asrin Abdollahi