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Dr. Muhammad Fayaz

Dr. Muhammad Fayaz

Assistant Professor/ PhD (South Korea)

Founder of Machine Learning & Image Processing-LAB

  • E-Mail ID :muhammad.fayaz@ucentralasia.org
  • UCA:https://ucentralasia.org/About/UcaStaff/EN
  • Website:www.aieys.com/dr_m_fayaz.html

Muhammad Fayaz is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science with UCA’s School of Arts and Sciences. Before joining UCA, Fayaz worked as a Visiting Lecturer and Teaching Assistant at the University of Malakand in Chakdara (Pakistan) for two years. Throughout his academic career, he has published over 70 research papers in the reputed Web of Science and Scopus indexed international journals and conferences. His research interests include combinatorial optimization problems, machine learning, image processing, Internet of Things (IoT), fuzzy inference systems, and other related areas. He earned his PhD in Computer Engineering from Jeju National University (JNU) in Jeju (South Korea) in 2019. During his studies, he worked at a Mobile Computing Lab at JNU. His responsibilities included preparing project proposals, designing IoT-based smart solutions, the application and implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms, and writing project reports. During his stay in South Korea, he also worked on several projects on the Underground System and the SAR-based Big Data Classification and Analysis of Disaster/Damage type, funded by the Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute, and Korean Aerospace Research Institute, respectively.