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Dr. Siham Eddamiri

Dr. Siham Eddamiri


Member of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)-LAB

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  • Website :www.aieys.com/siham_eddamiri.html

Dr. Siham Eddamiri is a Researcher Associate in Computer Science at ENSAMthe Meknes, Morocco. She did her master degree in multimedia and decision making computer system at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Fez. She was a reviewer in both journal Peerj and Endorsed Transactions on Scalable information Systèmes (EAI). Moreover, she was a reviewer in several conferences such as FSDM at Kitakyushu Japan and CICEN'21 in belgium and also ICACTCE'21 in Morocco. For the scientific event she was a member in the scientific commity in CICEN'21 at belguim and a member in scientific commity A2IA'20, ICACTCE'21 and JDOC-ENSAM'19.